October and November 2018

Mandatory event days: October 23-27, October 29-31

Are you creative, hard-working, ready to laugh, just a little bit salty? Love flowers and weddings? Really good at finding the perfect playlist? 

If you think on your feet, if you’re always looking for the next thing to do without having to ask, if you can handle last-minute changes, if you can come to me with a solution rather than merely a problem — this is the internship for you!

This internship is HARD WORK. It’s long hours and physical labor. You will get dirty. You will get sweaty. You will get tired. You will not look like an instagram model, wearing perfectly rumpled linen, casually holding a few artful blooms. But you will get to see and work with SO MANY artful blooms! You will prep vessels, help with packouts, clean candles, process flowers, and learn basic design mechanics. You will sweep floors, load vans and get to assist in actual wedding installs.

My goal is for you to leave this internship with a solid understanding of the work that goes into high-end wedding design. I want you to learn all you can, to ask questions and to share opinions. I hope you’ll enjoy the chance to work with flowers you’ve never even seen before, to learn about color palettes, texture and dimensional design. 

During September and November, the hours will be light - just a few flexible hours each week. October will be your event month, with mandatory days, long hours and travel back and forth to ATL. You will need to provide your own transportation. Internship is unpaid.