Enemies Inspired - Athena Calderone


As the author of the EyeSwoon blog and Cook Beautiful (one of my all-time favorite cookbooks!), Athena is a master of elevating simple, everyday ingredients to luxurious heights. Her artistic touch begins in the kitchen, and extends throughout the home and even into her wardrobe. Her taste for simple, natural textures and considered design acts as a unifying theme throughout the varied elements of her decor.

Athena’s edited style shines with a strong point of view. She has a magic touch, and though it would be tempting to assume that it’s as effortless as she makes it look, it’s obvious that she pours an incredible amount of passion and energy into each bit of work she puts out into the world.


Color and texture are major elements of Athena’s flavorful dishes, and her compositions (especially her salads) get my design eye moving in new directions. I find such connection between flowers and food…they partner together to create a full communal experience.


Who’s hungry for a salad now? I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into Athena’s lovely world - please give her a follow on Instagram and check out her book! And please comment below and tell me who’s inspiring you lately!