Enemies Inspired - Kendra Smoot

Hello, dear friends! I’m so glad to hear from many of you that this Inspired Series is resonating with you! I just know you’ll love discovering Kendra Smoot, next up in my list. Kendra is a prop stylist and art director living in Northern California. Her client list is a dream…she’s worked with Anthropologie, Free People, Bon Appetit, Real Simple, Kate Spade, Kinfolk, Sunset Magazine, Lonny - just to name a few! Even if you don’t know Kendra’s name, you’ve almost surely come across her work…and just as surely loved it!

I am always drawn to artists with a honed, specific point of view, and Kendra is no exception. Her compositions are clean and sun-drenched, and she uses color and light in a way that makes me feel as if I can almost smell the fresh pine air, or feel the water droplets as the waves crash on my feet. She has an obvious love and respect for the natural environment, and you can see that extended to her own home decor. I love the found objects she artfully places around each room.

Kendra works with several children’s clothing brands, and has even featured her own children in their campaigns. It’s evident that family holds deep meaning for her, and I think that’s one of the reasons I feel so much connection to her work. And, let’s face it, I dream of living that modern minimalist California life!

I think we all need to move to the coast, right? I hope you’ll check out more of Kendra’s work on her website and her instagram. And please take a second to reply and tell me who’s inspiring you lately! I can’t wait to hear!